About Moinho Jaraguá

Our Story

On May 11, 1988, the Wille family acquired Moinho Jaraguá, a company that had been in the market for more than 20 years, working only with the manufacture of corn flour and ground corn.

From that date on, Wille Cereal Ltda was established, which, despite remaining in the same direction to this day, has grown significantly, increasing its production and diversifying its products.

In its current mix, it offers 31 options that take its brand, Moinho Jaraguá, to several cities in the State of Santa Catarina and Paraná, being distributed directly, through markets or large wholesale chains.

In 2004, the company acquired the NEVE and CORUJA brands (sago starch, ararutinha, sweet and sour tapioca), two of the oldest and most recognized brands in the market in this segment, adding even more quality to the Moinho Jaraguá product portfolio.

Operating in the market since 1988, Cerealist Wille values honesty, trust and the quality of its work and products offered, always strengthening the health and well-being of its customers and employees.

This tradition of trust led Cerealist Wille in 2016 to become the first company in Santa Catarina to receive the CIDASC Seal of Conformity, which indicates and guarantees consumers that its products have been subjected to a rigorous production and control process.

Offering quality, that’s our tradition.

Moinho Jaraguá


To bring healthy and quality food to people's tables, always being attentive to the satisfaction and desires of consumers, developing business partners to supply and distribute the best products at fair prices to the market and shareholders.


To be recognized in the south of Brazil as a brand partner of the customer in food, which aims at health and the good moments of a meal, with a variety of products and services that add value to their family and their business.


We focus on the customer and the business; We work as a team, everyone is equally important; Health is sovereign over money; We are based on social responsibility; Always innovate.

Moinho Jaraguá